Web mapping in action

Cadcorp's Web based GIS products are used by many organisations to create spatially enabled Web sites delivering a variety of services, including the following::

St Albans City and District - Local Information Service

St Albans City and District Council has launched a new web service through which residents can view detailed information tailored to any individual address in the District. Users can see, for example, the planning history of their home and overlay map information to see details about planning applications related to properties in their neighbourhood. The service also allows the public to check the date of their waste and recycling collections, find the name and contact details of their local ward councillors, find their nearest library or household recycling centre, and report anti-social behaviour such as fly-tipping and graffiti.


Weymouth and Portland borough Council – Online mapping

Sharing geographic information with the general public marks the final stage of corporate deployment of GIS in Weymouth and Portland Borough Council (W&PBC).

'Web Map Layers allows us to share accurate information with the general public. Any changes we make to our corporate data can be seen by the public in a matter of seconds. We anticipate this much improved flow-through will drive down our internal costs of data handling. At the same time, we anticipate the on-line mapping system will bring savings from channel-shift – allowing the public to access the information they need themselves, by going on-line rather than having to make telephone calls or visit council offices.' Councillor Petherick, W&PBC.


Web Map Layers Demonstrator

Try the Web Map Layers Demonstrator free of charge. The demonstrator shows how spatial information is handled as a number of map layers, each of which is presented to the browser as a Web Map Service (WMS). In a real world application, those layers would include general purpose maps, plus map-based information specific to the business or organisation deploying the application. Since we don't have business-specific information in this demonstration, we have created some substitute data sets simply to indicate the capabilities of the application.

Organisations deploying the application can configure and customise Web Map Layers to meet their own specific needs. They can also choose whether to deploy Web Map Layers as a hosted service (as in this demonstration), or as an 'on premises' application.

There is more product information on the Web Map Layers page of this website.

Web Map Layers Demonstrator
Try the Web Map Layers Demonstrator for free