Spatial data standards and GIS interoperability

One GIS software engine

The Cadcorp SIS product suite uses the same robust software engine to power a series of core standalone, developer and web based GIS and mapping applications. These can be deployed as a suite or individually. Consistency and interoperability across the product range is ensured as all products are developed from common source code. Our software provides an easy to use, scalable, cost effective platform for personal or corporate GIS applications.


Interoperable GIS

Cadcorp SIS has unrivalled ability to coexist with other GIS platforms – most notably as a web mapping engine, or as the administrator of a centralised spatial database – without users having to retire legacy desktop GIS. The economic advantages are clear: an organisation can enhance its geoprocessing capabilities by evolution, rather than replacement.

Spatial data sharing

Coexistence and data sharing are made possible by:


Deploying GIS and web mapping

Cadcorp's standards-based approach combined with flexible licensing and expert training and support, simplifies the deployment and maintenance of GIS and web mapping solutions.