About us

Company Profile

In brief

Cadcorp is a British software development company focused on geographic information system (GIS) and web mapping software. We offer a complete suite of products - the Cadcorp Spatial Information System ® (Cadcorp SIS®) - addressing all phases of spatial information management. Cadcorp SIS is available worldwide through a network of Cadcorp partners and through a direct sales team in the UK and Ireland.

Vision, Mission and Values

Cadcorp helps organisations in the public and private sectors maximise their return on investment in geographic information by making it easier to share and distribute spatial data between people and between systems. We achieve this by developing GIS and web mapping products that incorporate open and standards-based technologies. Our vision is for Cadcorp SIS to be universally recognised as the most interoperable GIS and web mapping system in the market.

Why Cadcorp?

Customers and partners choose Cadcorp SIS for a number of different reasons. Three frequently cited reasons are:


Many organisations choose to work with Cadcorp SIS because it is an integrated family of geospatial products comprising desktop, web, mobile, runtime, and developer applications. Products are available for all phases of spatial data management from creation, through to application development, deployment and data distribution. Compatibility between the various parts of the Cadcorp SIS product suite is guaranteed, because all of the products share common core source code.

Support for open standards

Organisations also select Cadcorp SIS because they recognise the contribution of Cadcorp both as a consumer and an active promoter of open standards within the geospatial industry. This gives users confidence that, in using Cadcorp products, they will remain at the forefront of developments in GIS and mapping technologies.


Finally, there are organisations that select Cadcorp SIS for its ability to work with other GIS and CAD systems. Recognising that not all data will be in an open format, we have enabled Cadcorp SIS to read and display over 160 GIS, CAD, raster and database formats, without the need for translation, and without the need to purchase add-on software.


Cadcorp is an ISO9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified company, an Oracle® Partner and a long standing technical member of the Open Geospatial Consortium Inc. ® (OGC®). In the UK, Cadcorp is an Ordnance Survey® Developer Partner; Northern Ireland Land & Property Services® (LPS) Licensed Partner; corporate member of the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) and a corporate member of the British Cartographic Society (BCS).